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Control temperatures in your space with our solar control window film. If you're looking for a cost effective way to keep your home warm during winter, or to reduce heat during summer, solar control film is your answer.

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Our window film is ideal to moderate temperatures in your space all year round.

During the summer months our film can be used to reduce the amount of heat let into your building, massively reducing temperatures in conservatories, orangeries, rooms with bi-fold doors and much more!

Rooms with bi-food doors, large windows and floor to ceiling windows will often get too cold in winter especially with the snow making an appearance.

Many want the beauty of natural sunlight flooding into your home or work space but hate the sharp, nasty chill that more glass may bring.

We have a solution that will not only help keep the heat in but it will also increase the energy rating in your space. Studies also show it can help reduce electricity bills by 1/3 in standard homes and offices.

With our window film you can reduce heat loss by up to 33% in the winter and then when the summer comes back around it also helps prevent heat entering through your glass by up to 79%.

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