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Unlock the Potential of Your Commercial Space with Solar Control's Commercial Window Tinning throughout the whole of the UK

At Solar Control UK, we provide stunning commercial window tinting we are based in the North East but cover the wider UK. Elevate your business space with our expert window film solutions that bring a multitude of benefits to your commercial property. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction makes us the preferred choice for window film installation in the UK.

Temperature Moderation for Year-Round Comfort

Experience a more comfortable working environment with our commercial window tinting. Our films act as a shield against external elements, reducing heat penetration during scorching summers and maintaining warmth in the winter. This temperature moderation not only enhances employee comfort but also contributes to energy savings by reducing the need for excessive air conditioning or heating.

Privacy & Security – A Dual Advantage

Enhance your business's privacy without compromising on natural daylight. Our window film installers specialise in providing daytime privacy solutions that allow you to enjoy the views while deterring any unwanted eyes. Simultaneously, our films add an extra layer of security, making it significantly more challenging for potential intruders to shatter glass. Discover the peace of mind that comes with our privacy window film.

Energy Efficiency: Sustainable Solutions for Your Business

Make a positive impact on your bottom line and the environment by choosing our window tinting. The added layer of window film reduces the need for excessive air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter, leading to significant energy savings. Solar Control UK's commitment to sustainable solutions aligns with the growing need for environmentally responsible business practices.

Recent commercial projects


I thoroughly recommend Solar Control, Tom has made a great job in our reception at Quick Self Storage Darlington, very professional, it has made a world of difference working in the reception area without the sun glare, thanks again.

Shaun Lacey, Quick Self Storage

Interior Protection – Preserve Your Investments

Our window film acts as a barrier against harmful UV rays that cause fading of interior furnishings, carpets, stock, and merchandise. Invest in the longevity of your assets by choosing our commercial window tinting. Protect your interior spaces from the damaging effects of the sun, ensuring that your business premises maintain a fresh and vibrant appearance.

Sun Glare Reduction – Optimise Workspace Comfort

Create a comfortable and productive workspace by eliminating annoying sun glare. Our window film solutions ensure that your employees can work without distraction, free from the discomfort of harsh sunlight on screens and in their eyes. Solar Control UK's expertise in sun glare reduction enhances the functionality of your commercial space.

Exterior Enhancement – Elevate Your Business Image

Upgrade the aesthetic appeal of your commercial property with our exterior-enhancing window tinting. Attract customers and create a more enjoyable space for your workforce with our sleek and professional finishes. Solar Control UK transforms the look of your building, making it a standout in your region.

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Choose Solar Control UK for Commercial Window Tinting Excellence

When it comes to window film installations, Solar Control UK stands out as a name synonymous with quality, expertise, and customer satisfaction. Transform your commercial space with our excellent window tinting solutions. Contact us today to request a free quote and unlock the full potential of your business premises.

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