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When it’s dark outside and I have the lights on inside, can people see in?


Will window tint add an insulating layer to my windows?

Yes, it’s estimated you’ll receive a positive ROI in 3 years, reflecting from your bills.


Will window film reduce UV rays?

Yes, our films offer 99% UV protection.


Will window tint reduce sun glare?

Yes, depending on the film we use.


Will window film save me money?

Yes, it adds an insulating layer on your glass, keeping the heat inside during winter.


Will window tint keep the heat out during the summer?

Yes, our reflective window film will deflect most of the heat but still allow a lot of natural light in, depending on the film.


Will window film stop my carpets, furniture and stock fading?

Yes our films offer 99% UV Protection against harmful uv rays.

Will window film offer security?

Yes, our film adds an additional layer of security on your glass. Some are even installed on parliament buildings and banks and are blast proof.

Can I put this film on my car?


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