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Add a layer of protection to your windows with our security window film. 

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Security window film increases the thickness of the glass, adding an extra layer of protection and making it resistant to breakage. The film makes the glass harder to break and serves to deter thieves.


The film massively increases the time it takes to break the glass in the case of an attempted break in. A normal break in can take seconds, whereas with window film installed it can increase this to minutes. If thieves can’t break in within seconds they usually leave the scene as too much attention is being drawn to the break in along with giving the building owner or neighbours time to react. 


Security window film enhances glass security and offers higher anti-shatter properties. When breakage is attempted, the glass is held together rather than immediately falling away. This also offers safety for people within the building to protect them from debris in cases of explosions. 


The stronger the film, the harder it is to break through the class. There are four different security film grades. The strongest is bomb proof and is used in the likes of banks, embassy buildings, parliament buildings and schools.

Solar Control work across the North East installing window film including security window film. If you are interested in increasing security in your space, get in touch with a member of our team.

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