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This specialised security window film is crafted with the sole purpose of elevating the safety and protection levels for your residence or workplace.


Its durability and shatter-resistant characteristics render it exceptionally resilient to unauthorised access, malicious intent, and unforeseen incidents. This establishes a dependable shield, effectively protecting against forced entry attempts and averting the potential dangers posed by glass fragments.


This window film is also an excellent solution for:

  • Preventing smash and grab incidents 
  • Strengthens glass
  • Glass will shatter but film will hold the glass in place
  • UV protection


The film also offers

  • 10 year warranty against peeling or fading
  • Scratch resistant
  • Professional quality used by our installers
  • Designed to install to any type of glass without risk of damage 


All films are 152cm in width and height can be purchased in either 2m, 3m, 4m and 5m. Please email us for larger sizes:


PLEASE NOTE: All shipping costs are subject to change. We will email you if there are any changes with your shipping, you are free to cancel your order if you are not willing to pay any changes.

Clear Safety Window Film

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